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An Imaginary and Mental Journey of Discovery

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Presentation Text of the book “A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure: Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program”

This book is penned down in order to introduce you a piece of work, that is so unbelievably and astonishingly perfect that it will surprise you with the high truths and grand scientific discoveries contained therein and will make some of you say “How come I have never heard of it until now!” (Or could not really discover it).

The main subject of study of these books is the following:

To give correct answers to three basic questions of existence, which have remained as the unknown secrets of the universe that have been always wondered by the humanity.

The discovery of the right answers in these areas has been possible not only with the use of the mind/intellect which is incapable of reaching to the truth on its own but rather with the common guidance of divine revelation and the mind.  Nevertheless, the answers to the questions that were asked have been discovered solely with rational inferences and logical evidences. These three questions are:

“Where did this universe and those within it come from? Where will they go?

And Why are they here, what is their mission? That is to ask “What are we doing here?”

High truths, which the whole humanity needs and which are appealing to all those who look for the explanation of the basic reality of existence and which is more interesting for the world of science and the scientists and which is brought by divine revelation, are discovered once again and proved with rational methods in these works. Especially today, while quantum physics, astronomy and astrophysics have reached to such advanced levels, common answers are looked for these three questions on matter, universe and human being; the science and these works study the same subjects and share a common ground of work. Here you are: The work, which contains in itself a spiritual/immaterial treasury for people who have an irresistible interest and passion for science and learning, is called RISALE-I NUR (TREATISE OF LIGHT).

The content of the book is composed of 19 basic epistles selected from the Collection of Risale-i Nur. Some selected parts related to the subject from 23rd Word Epistle of Nature, Epistle of Resurrection, first eight Words and some other epistles are included in our book. The main texts from Risale-i Nur are placed in the beginning, the words and concepts are explained in the footnotes and the explanatory texts are provided afterwards. In addition, occasionally, as the need arises, explanatory texts are included within the text of the book in the form of an intermediary note.

The first part of our book, which consists of two main sections is entitled as “Discovering the Value of the Treasure of Faith.”

In this section, the following  is presented: the meaning and the importance of the faith and worship, which are proposed by the Religion to the man; how the hidden secret of the universe is solved by the religion; the beauty of faith and how the true value of man comes to light with faith, and the levels of Qur’an and philosophy in terms of understanding the Secret of the Universe. Finally, we are trying to look closely at the great good news and the remedy for death brought by the religion through prophets and we are looking for the answer to this question: “What are the characteristics of true faith that will enable us to earn the eternal life?” We can regard this first part as the understanding of how great and precious a treasure is.

The second part of the book is entitled as ” Proving the Existence of the Treasure of Faith with Evidences”.  In this section, six pillars of faith are proved with detailed evidences. In other words, in the second section, the existence of the treasure sought to be achieved, whose value is understood/appreciated in the first section, is proved; its place is discovered, and this great and magnificent treasure is acquired. Primarily understanding that faith is such a great blessing and a treasure with a great value would determine the importance that we would give to that treasure and its evidences. Nevertheless, you will also observe that in the first part, a serious effort has also been made to search for the truth and evidences. Once you complete the book, you will have completed an important reading that could be considered as a brief summary of the Risale-i Nur collection and taken a serious step in studying the high knowledge of faith that is taught by these works.

In “The Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur Training Program”, you are invited for an adventure of looking for and finding out the truth.

We are inviting you for an utterly DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE, an interactive book full of INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES, where you will come to AN IMPRESSIVE VISUAL JOURNEY.

We have a very strong reason to begin this journey: to witness the magnificent details of the divine technology and uniqueness of the artful creation and hence, to take a big step on the way of achieving the true faith that was demanded from us by Allah. We would like you to accompany us in this imaginary and mental journey of discovery. There is only one fixed price for a ticket of the Journey:  a strong sense of wonder in the search for truth.


Discovering the high truths about the humanity, life, universe and religion…

Advancing along the way of progress for mind, soul and heart…

Making sense of the world in which we exist…

Obtaining an awareness that is more amazing than ever before…

Understanding the working mechanisms of the divine technology…

A Wonderful Mental journey… A Visual Festival

Amazing Facts… Stunning Images and Videos…

All These and Even More are Waiting for You!



(You can read the short video slide with music and enjoy the exciting and incredible reader reviews.)

These comments are sent to us through internet by our readers who either read our articles, attended our seminars or to whom we sent our draft texts.

From the comments written at the website

“I’m calling out to everyone who reads this comment: I swear that I don’t know who the author is, I bought the book with a curiosity, it really is a legendary book. It’s unbelievable to see that only 27 copies have been sold here. I hope it won’t continue like this, because it’s a pity. I CLAIM AND BELIEVE THAT: IN THE NEAREST FUTURE, it is going to be viral like KURK MANTOLU MADONNA and TUTUNAMAYANLAR . Despite the fact that they could make only several prints in the beginning, they became incredibly popular after years. And this book will have the same destiny, I hope the time will justify me… Many thanks to the author; to your hands, to your labor, to your heart, and to your will… “

“An exquisite book and it upsets me that it is not a popular one. The most perfect book I’ve ever read. Everybody should buy it immediately. You may be very sorry for not buying it. “

From Internet Comments:

“It is like clear water. If you wish, you can either drink it or swim in it (That is to say, while it is so clear to understand, it also has a high depth of meaning.)

“I am fond of this style of explanation of Resale-i Nur… I have read it with great joy, It is an intelligently-written, shining study.

In your seminars, you have such a fluent and catchy way of addressing your audience and presenting your material that even a little kid could grasp it easily. The visual presentations used in your seminars, the examples you give from daily life and your narratives from Risale-i Nur which are, by stretching our imagination, eye opening for us, are all really wonderful. God bless your heart and your hands.

“The style of the book is clear and understandable, however the meanings are dealt in depth… I believe that it is a study that will close the gap existing in this field. I am congratulating them. May Allah be pleased with their work!”

“There are some people who have a good command of knowledge. In other words, they know. Again, there are some people who also have a good command of knowledge; however, they are privileged since they add new information to their knowledge. Ediz, brother, you belong to this second class.”

“I recommend it. I just loved it. I have read it twice. Besides, I summarized and submitted it to my teacher. Read it. I think it’s a great book.”

“Wonderful! May the Lord be pleased, such a work was necessary like water, like air. I hope more works like this which will appeal to people and will help the truth to come out rather than conceal it will continue to be written. Thanks! Thanks!”

“You won’t find better in the field. Its mental and logical constructs are very strong… It is a long-lasting guide that caresses the soul and with the literary style of poetry it can be read without getting exhausted again and again. I have personally never seen an equivalent of this work, which perfectly explains and proves the truth of the faith in Risale-i Nur and makes it more comprehensible by using a fluent language like water.”

Some Explanations About the “Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) Training Program, Based on Academic Work and Supported by Visuals

We believe that the content of our training program, prepared to introduce Risale-i Nur (Treatise of light), which presents Islam in the most appropriate way in accordance with a modern understanding, has the capability to respond to the social demand for increasing the love for science and the number of inquisitive people  thinking intellectually and for the discussion, evaluation and presentation of moral, spiritual and religious values in an academic context and to make serious contribution to the mental transformation that we need. 

Our program, which is based on our book, A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure: Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program, is constructed in a visual format with explanations by making use of almost 2000 visuals, made up of informative graphics, impressive pictures and highlighted texts and lecture videos as well as 170 striking videos related to the subject. Having been woven piece by  piece with the sensitivity of an artist, with the conversion of the visual material used in the programs into visual/interactive books, a first in its field (as an innovative religious education tool) it was brought into the use of public as a multidimensional service and education project.

Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, at the beginning of last century, presented “Medresetüzzehra Education Approach”, as the special name of a project of innovational educational program, teaching of rational and religious sciences together, their reconciliation and integration. Our program aims to provide serious analysis and studies, as a philosophical basis, in terms of introduction to the Scientific World  of such an educational approach which accepts the existence of a Creator, by developing scientific models, and interpretations which can prove to be alternatives to scientific approaches to the existence of the Creator, by developing alternative scientific approaches  that can be accepted and by establishing the philosophy of science and curriculum of “Medresetüzzehra Education Approach”.

Join the Following Slideshow for a Quick Overview of Our Academic Studies!


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Important Information: We present our basic/resource book with 12 Booklets in the form of text and visual/interactive books under the title of “The Series of Booklets of Risale-i Nur Explanatory Texts”. When the publication of small books is completed, our basic book will be published as text and visual/interactive version.


Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) Training Program





1- Academic Proof of the Creator (New Perspectives from the Treatise of Nature)

(An imaginary and mental journey of discovery in the depths of divine technology)

Providing academic proof of the truth of the Belief in Allah on an intellectual and scientific basis.

The Treatise of Nature has a special place within Risale-i Nur.

In “the New Perspectives from the Treatise of Nature”, you are invited for an adventure of looking for and finding out the truth. Studying academically, on the basis of logic and science, the theories which are developed as alternatives to the existence of a Creator in order to explain the astonishing happenings and the liveliness in the universe. In a world where we stand as observers, looking for answers to questions: Where did we come from? Where are we going and who are we? What are we doing here? Together we are setting on a journey of discovery along the lines that we wrote in order to make some contribution to the efforts to understand the functioning and the purposes of the universe, which is the final target and the arrival point for all sciences. 

2- Rehearsal Scene (Evidence for Eternal Life)

New Perspectives from the Treatise of Resurrection

In order to feel the existence of eternal life in a different way, that has never been possible before… In order to understand, enjoy and read with spiritual pleasure the Tenth Word of Risale-i Nur, which proves the existence of Hereafter with certainty, at such a high level that you have never reached before…

What would you do, if you know, of a certainty, that eternal life exists? How would your perspective on life change if you know that you will live forever? Then what would change in your life if you know that your happiness in this eternal life will depend on your behaviors in this temporary life at such a certainty as you are sure of the coming of night after day and of spring after winter or as you know two plus two equals four? Would not you get excited if we told you that you can get such invaluable information just by reading this book?

Once you finish reading this book, you will witness that it is proved with logical evidence and in a brilliant way that the coming of the eternal life is as certain as the existence of this world and there is no possibility of not the realization of the resurrection after death.

3- Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and Risale-i Nur (Extended Special Version)

We strongly suggest and present this new history of life as an important source to those who regularly read Risale-i Nur as well as to those who want to get some information for the first time. On the one hand, this book will introduce us, who are living in the last-days (of the world), to important personalities whose existence and qualities we need to be aware of, as well as to important books that will be our guides to the truth; on the other hand, it will be a companion and very powerful means of service for us, that will hold our hand and take us to an unprecedented spiritual world, which is called “Risale-i Nur Classroom (Dersane)” and which lets us taste the moral pleasures of Heaven in this world.

4- An Attempt to Make Risale-i Nur the Property of Humanity: Explanatory Works

We are inviting you to read this spectacular book where impressive research and analysis are made over “Risale-i Nur Explanatory Works”, which outlines the intellectual framework upon which these explanatory works are based and which is written to introduce you the multi-dimensional services made in this area.

5- Lost Island (New Perspectives from the Treatise of Small Words)

“Small Words” has a special place within Risale-i Nur, in terms of providing a basic approach towards the discovery of the reasonableness of Religion’s offer. The “LOST ISLAND”, which is an explanation of “Small Words”, is the first stop in searching and finding of a great truth. You are also invited to this great adventure. In order to discover the deep and highest truth of world, humanity and the religion and to make it more familiar to the mind, the representations in which in fact all of us live and play a leading role are used together with a cinematic language.

6- Human And Faith (New Perspectives from the Treatise of 23. Word)

This book entitled “HUMAN AND FAITH”, which is an explanatory work based on the 23rd Word of the Book of Words of Risale-i Nur, elaborates on the high value of the human that appears together with Faith and the beauties of the faith. 23. Word is a special book written about the nature/character of human and faith, which has a great depth of meaning despite its small volume. When you finish the book, you will witness that the  beauties of the faith, which reveal the high value of the human being and the true character of the universe and which make them visible, are shown with an unprecedented style and with a clarity that could be accepted by anyone who is just and fair.

7- Qur’an, Modern Science and Philosophy (New Perspectives from the Treatise of 12. And 13. Words)

This book which is entitled “Qur’an, Modern Science and Philosophy” and which is an explanatory work based on 11th, 12th and 13th Words of Risale-i Nur, comparatively deals with the perspectives of the universe by Qur’an, modern science and philosophy; and the differences of interpretation they develop and the different meanings they make out of the same information they have. When you complete the book, you will have a striking appreciation of the profound differences of the lessons given by the philosophy and science which look at the universe from an ungodly perspective and you will have acquired the most basic and accurate Qur’anic terms in making sense of this universe.

8- The Solution for Death

This book, which is an explanatory work based on 2nd Matter of Risale-i Nur’s Treatise of Fruit and Second Station of 13th Word of Risale-i Nur is written to look at death and life in the light of a different perspective. When you complete the book, you will witness that the cure of the death, greatest matter for a man, has been found, and that the method for finding an immortal life and an everlasting happiness have been shown.

9- Are We Alone in the Universe

In this book, which is (about) the Introduction and First Aim of 29th Word, the right place to find the answer to questions asked by a man who can’t stand thinking the idea of being all alone in this universe and, desperately asking questions, and looking for a solution to his eternal solitude, is shown with mental inferences that capture the problem on its roots. Later on, it is proved by detailed analyses and logical proofs that it is so reasonable to believe in angels and spiritual beings, and that their existence is as precise as the existence of human beings and animals.

10- It is Completely Different Word – Proof of Reality of Revelation

In this book, which is an explanatory work, based on 17th Degree of”7th Ray- The Treatise of Supreme Sign “of Risale-i Nur, you will see all logical inferences and striking proofs as to How Qur’an presents its big case which conquers the spirits, minds and hearts and which spiritually sweeps whole world and what a big moral transformation it has realized in humanity, since its emergence, beyond all dreams and the fact that it is not the words of human beings.

11- Spiritual Sun of the Universe – Proof of Reality of Prophethood

In this book, which is an explanatory work developed on the basis “1st and 2nd Signs of 19th Letter, the Treatise of Miracles of Muhammad and the 16th Degree of 7th Ray, the Treatise of Supreme Sign, you will find the opportunity to see, how necessary the institution of prophethood is for this universe and humanity and you will witness the striking proofs of the fact that the grand reality that has been revealed by prophets is the main reason for existence of the universe, in an uncommon thread of logic about whose truth your mind and heart will agree together.

Besides, you will read about the reasons why Prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) should be accepted with a clearer certainty compared to other prophets and the original explanations about how the Miracles shown through prophets constitute evidences for us.

12- The Truth of Divine Determining and Free Will

In this book, which is an explanatory work based on the “26th Word”, that is, the Treatise of Divine Determining (Qadar)” of Risale-i Nur, the issue of “how to differentiate between the Divine Determining and free will” is addressed; and the evidences as to the fact that “things could take place only with the will of Allah” are dealt with.

In addition, the questions related to the fact that “Qadar” does not give anybody any discomfort or strain, on the contrary it provides a perfect ease of mind and convenience and to the reconciliation of the ugliness of the troubles/evils that we see in the world with the fact that “everything coming from Qadar is good” are answered with such a proficiency that has not been witnessed in the history of Islam.

In this book, you will see the explanations in relation to the essence of Qadar and Free Will; how they could be reconciled, the meaning of the belief in Qadar for human life, and the evidences of the existence of Qadar. Moreover, you will witness the harmonious friendship of a persuasive, crystal clear and fluent style with the logical inferences satisfying both mind and the heart.