KEŞİF YOLCULUKLARI: Farklı Mana Açılımlarıyla, İzahlı ve Görsel Destekli Risale-i Nur Eğitim Programı

Medresetüzzehra Eğitim Yaklaşımı'nın Bilim Felsefesini Oluşturmaya Katkıda Bulunmayı Hedefleyen Akademik Eğitim Faaliyetleri


Selected Content of Journeys of Discovery Risale-i Nur (Treatise of Light) Training Program




We are inviting you for an utterly DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE, an interactive book full of INCREDIBLE DISCOVERIES, where you will come to AN IMPRESSIVE VISUAL JOURNEY.

We have a very strong reason to begin this journey: to witness the magnificent details of the divine technology and uniqueness of the artful creation and hence, to take a big step on the way of achieving the true faith that was demanded from us by Allah. We would like you to accompany us in this imaginary and mental journey of discovery. There is only one fixed price for a ticket of the Journey:  a strong sense of wonder in the search for truth.


Discovering the high truths about the humanity, life, universe and religion…

Advancing along the way of progress for mind, soul and heart…

Making sense of the world in which we exist…

Obtaining an awareness that is more amazing than ever before…

Understanding the working mechanisms of the divine technology…

A Wonderful Mental journey… A Visual Festival

Amazing Facts… Stunning Images and Videos…

All These and Even More are Waiting for You!


A Fantastic Science Fiction Story

(A Very Different Approach to the Miracle of Existence)

We have wanted to develop this story a little bit further and found ourselves in a fantastic science-fiction story.

We would like you to accompany us in this imaginary and mental journey of discovery. Join Us!

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The Effort to Make Sense out of This World and Magnificent Skies

In this article, which narrates  in a systematic way , like a poem, the observations of a traveller asking for the Creator of the Universe, dealing with the evidences of the creation which are seen when we look around us carefully with an effort to make sense out of this world, which is indeed the 1st Step of 2nd Position of the Treatise of Supreme Sign (Âyet-ül Kübra Risalesi), 7th Ray of Risale-i Nur, we are looking at magnificent skies and see that the laws of nature, which are fancy names given to the working or the order in the nature, could not and would not explain the unknown essence the matter.

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Quantum Universe and Law of Attraction

First of all we see that, Newton’s “Mechanic Universe” Model has very big deficiencies and that with “Quantum Universe Model”, it is understood that the universe dynamically exists with an ever continuing creation process and it is able to continue to stay in this way as well.  We learn about the scientific approach of “the Quantum Universe” Model which explains how the matter behaves in subatomic world and how it functions.

We start a journey in the mysterious world of quantum universe. Then, we search for the relations of the quantum mechanics with the divine creation and the functioning of divine will and for the meaning such relationship has for us. We share the exciting results of this search with you.

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Grand Design and Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything and Views of Stephen Hawking are analyzed. Besides, answers given to the basic question of, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” are dealt with comparatively.

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Privileged Planet

Discover our privileged planet. Do we suppose that “everything acts in a chaotic way randomly, nothing has any ulterior meaning other than itself, everything comes into existence as it is and happens and ends on its own”? Think again…

Did you arrive on this planet by chance or have you been sent? Will you be thrown out of the world to not return after this life, or will you be invited to a different place?

Let’s go on an imaginary journey to understand this. We see that our planet is located in such a convenient and special place and that it is in such an outstanding location for us to discover the cosmos.   Click here to read.

The Way to Salvation from A Paradoxical Situation

(A Striking Approach to Allah and the Issue of Afterlife)

The main problem related to the understanding Allah’s existence and as well as the necessity of Hereafter, comes from the inability to make sense out of the works which lead to these truths and which are visible everywhere before our very eyes, from the inability to see their close relationship with these truths and the inability to infer that such activities are the results of these truths.

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A Different Perspective on Big Bang

With a different look at the Big Bang, the probability of the formation of the existing universe, in its current form, is studied.

Moreover, the probability of the formation of a universe, which makes life possible, by chance is analyzed.

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Getting Wet in the Ocean of Cosmos

Two extremely original examples are provided, which makes it easier for us to understand what the laws of nature are and what they are not; and with a very distinctive approach, the characteristics of the laws of nature are questioned. The understanding ,which claims that assuming the existence of a Creator or thinking of the possibility of such existence is against the technique of scientific thinking, is seriously criticized. It is brightly illustrated that, in our search for the truth in Cosmos, our way will turn into an dead end if we try to illuminate it just with the weak light of the beacon of mind and turn away from the divine revelation.

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The Critical Assessment of the Law of Attraction and Quantum Thinking Technique

We would like to refer to famous books about quantum physics and law of attraction, for which documentaries were also shot: as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole”. We are discovering the Real Big Secret of the Universe Opening All Doors and Overcoming All Difficulties.

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Scientific Findings about Evolution and the Miracles of Quran

First of all, let us express that there is no need, to tell one by one all the scientific findings about evolution and then to try refuting those which, so to say, are against Islam and to show the ones which are supporting Islam and with their evidence to show the rightness of Islam and to make an exaggerated effort in order to prove that Evolution does not contradict with Islam with a view to showing that Islam is not contrary to science.

Question is this: “How should we answer such a question with an approach appropriate with Quran? Can we accept Evolution if we take coincidence and atheism out of it? Have all living things come into existence from a single cell, having evolved from each other?”

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Fantastic Data Stores:  Brain and DNA

The answer to the question of what kind of planning should be made and what kind of programs should be used in order to build a machine like a human body from a single cell and to start working it, is being looked for with a very different approach. It is brought to the light with such striking information which you have never heard before that brain and memory are designed in such an extraordinary structure and that DNA is such a fantastic data store. Details of divine creation are revealed with all its magnificence in such a way so as not to leave any room to doubt.

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Looking at the Reality from a Blind-Spot

The issue gets stacked always at the same point over the thin line between faith and denial. It can be said that the eye of the one who doesn’t want to accept, with obstinacy, the Creator and a conscious creation is looking at the reality from a blind point of view. All the art, wisdom and blessings, which can indeed be recognized even by a person of average mind, are hidden on that blind spot where he is looking. In this section, you will witness the psychological analysis of faith and denial.

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The Miracle of a Fly

The Impossible Scenario for the formation of the body of a fly by material causes is evaluated. If we explain the coming into existence of a fly with the action/movement of the natural and material factors, then we will certainly accept that these factors are standing by its side or working inside that fly. Then how is this possible, have you ever thought about it?

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Miracle of Eye

This is the part, which is related to the eye, of the impossible scenario of the claim for “formation on its own”. The basis of our evidences is the interwoven connections between the objects which are related with each and every other part of the universe and has indispensible connections with the whole of it. There are consequences of claiming that it is self-created. You can’t say these words and just step aside. What does it mean to say that an object or an event is made on their own, without getting any external aid and intervention?

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What is Nature?

In order to better understand the claims of the naturalist thinking with regard to the functioning of the matter and the objects.

We are tackling with their basic concepts and studying what these famous “nature, coincidence, causes and laws” are and what they are not.

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What are the Laws of Nature?

We find out that, although laws of nature is a concept that does not have a material substance, it serves the purpose of expressing how the matter acts.

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Intelligent Design, Coincidence and Material Causes

In a model of universe, which is created by a creator, “intelligent design” is an important concept and argument.

How can we know that an object is designed or not?

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Is the Movement of Particles An Explanation for Everything?

With a very different approach, we are dealing with reductionist atheism of materialistic thinking ,which is expressed as “Something which is already existing cannot be destroyed into non-existence, and something which is not existing cannot be created” and which sees the creation of the universe just as the relocation of the existing particles, leaving the Creator out of consideration. At the end of this section, which is concluded with a magnificent final, you will see, with the highest degree of certainty that, the basic duty of a person as a human being is to acquire the knowledge/science of faith which really makes a person human being and if such a knowledge is not achieved, the highest level of intelligence and earthly knowledge does not mean anything more than a dark ignorance.           Click here to read.

Looking at Allah from the Right Side

It is questioned whether Allah needs the worship from a weak and incapable creature like a human being. Satisfactory answers are given to the question of why Allah permits these atrocities and sad deaths that are witnessed all over the world. It is discussed how it can be possible to see the existence of absolute beauty and superior justice within the whole although it is not sometimes observed in its parts. It is underlined that one of the important mistakes committed by human being is that he or she looks at the events just from his or her perspective while trying to understand Allah’s creation and his other actions.       Click here to read.

Looking at The Matters of Faith from The Right Side

In this section, which is intended to be a detailed analysis of the introduction part of the Treatise of Supreme Sign (Ayet’ül Kübra), 7th Ray of Risale-i Nur and an Introduction to the Treatise of Nature, it is shown how strong the anchors of the evidences of faith are; Now we have quite an essential companion for the road ahead and we obtain a background that is helpful in evaluating the matters of faith with a healthy intellectual approach. It is manifested with rational justifications that the majority of deniers are not important and it is not possible to deny the matters of faith, which is as big as the universe itself, by proving the non-existence. It is very brightly manifested that there is an important structural difference between proof and denial and that even if some evidences related to faith are not correct, this does not change the result. Even if justone evidence is correct, this will suffice for the correctness of the result.

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Questioning the Factors That Determine the Value of Scientific Information

In this presentation, we would like to share with you our striking analysis which has the characteristics of the precursory and the intellectual basis of an utterly different approach of education and science and the Civilization of Quran which will give a fresh new hope to humanity. We also want to share some of our conclusions on the value, for the humanity, of the scientific works and approaches which search for evidence for the acceptance of a creator and which make their conclusions in this regard.

This is also, in a sense, an evaluation of Medresetüzzehra Educational Approach presented by Said Nursi as an innovative educational project at the beginning of the century.

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Evaluation of the Educational Approach and the Philosophy of Science of Medresetüzzehra

In this presentation, we would like to share with you our striking analysis which has the characteristics of the precursory and the intellectual basis of an utterly different approach of education and science and the Civilization of Quran which will give fresh new hope to humanity. We will also present some of our findings as to how  to introduce an educational approach which accepts the existence of a Creator, by contributing to the formation of the philosophy of science for  “Medresetüzzehra Education Approach”, which is the special name given by Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, at the beginning of last century,  for a project of innovational educational program: teaching of rational and religious sciences together, their reconciliation and integration as well as our views on the production of scientific models, interpretations and approaches that can be accepted as alternatives to the existing scientific approaches.

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Spiritual/Immaterial Medresetüzzehra (An Project of Open University and Social Transformation)

“This Spiritual/Immaterial Medresetüzzehra” have been accepted and owned by millions as an unprecedented project of open university and social transformation where people of all ages, social status could come and listen to Risale-i Nur; where everybody is a student and everybody can give lectures voluntarily and arbitrarily without any formation/qualified being asked for, a place where a very successful human engineering is realized, with branches everywhere.

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The Necessity and Beauty of Religious Communities, Books and Scholars:

Islam is not a religion that can be lived on its own!

This article is the epilogue of our book “A Journey of Discovery for an Extraordinary Treasure: Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) Training Program”

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Important Points on Evolution, Atheism and Creation

To prevent misunderstandings, we want to point out at first that the emphasis in this section is that even if evolution is a reality, it will not abolish the need of a creator, it will not be an alternative to creation and, evolution is nothing more than an explanation of operation mechanism. Evolution is an alternative theory (which has characteristics of fiction and which resembles a science fiction story rather than a scientific theory) for “coming into existence and functioning of living beings”.

The mechanism itself, this or that, is a variable independent of the fact whether there is a creator of the living beings or not, whether they come into being coincidentally. In other words, even if an evolutionary mechanism was working in the emergence of the living creatures, this would not necessarily eliminate the need for a Creator. (We would like to state that this phrase, which was said for examination and analysis purposes, should not be understood as a judgement.)

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Approach to the Laws of Nature

This article is very important for “Scientific Approaches and Studies Which Search for Evidences for Acceptance of Existence of A Creator.” In a world where some world-famous physicists try to explain the origins of the universe through laws and theories, the rotten atheism trap will be deciphered by clarifying the laws of nature in the clearest way and academic analyses. I will clearly and certainly be proved that the evolution cannot be an alternative to creation. This study will also contribute to the creation of a scientific model, interpretation and accepted scientific approaches that will be an alternative to the other scientific approaches about the existence of the creator.

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How Is Everything Taking Place with Divine Power?

The real faith in Oneness (Tawheed) is not complete with the simple acceptance of Allah as the creator of the apparent universe. Such a belief is the first step of the hierarchy of the faith, and comes short of fundamental qualities of the faith requested by Allah in his Quran.

In fact, what is really wanted is, in addition to acceptance of the fact that every matter and object appearing and every activity taking place in this universe is created directly and ruled by the divine power itself, the complete and absolute rejection of the existence of anything that is supposed to be interfering and assisting in these activities and rulings. This is an unbelievably great and magnificent issue. In order to reach this level of belief in Allah and a “doubtless and informed faith based on strong evidence”, it is necessary to make a serious and detailed investigation.

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The Strategies to Neutralize the Atheistic Evolution With Correct Academic Approaches

We are asking to you: Should we refuse all proponents of evolution, without categorization? Should we consider evolution as alternative, anti-thesis or opponent of creation and should we try to find answers to an opposing idea? We ask these questions both as a believer and also as someone who has certain sensitivity about academic approach.

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Risale-i Nur, Civilization of Islam/Quran and Philosophy of Science 

We desperately need to build a philosophy of science which accepts the existence of a creator and makes its deductions in this direction, which has a solid logic construct about all these, which confronts humanity with alternative models, and puts across itself.

Otherwise, how and in what way will the dignified Civilization of Islam/ Quran which is heralded and is the last hope of humanity be built!

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How will the Civilization of Islam/Quran be Built?

What does the Dream of Medresetüzzehra Express?  

We talk about something new and very different: Mentioning Allah, even mentioning Him with justifications; and building a science approach and philosophy of science that will be approved and be presented to humanity totally differ from each other and have big cliffs between. 

There is also this point: Telling what comes to your mind, mouth and heart at that moment, and telling the truths of faith with an academic program syllabus based on a written and systematic text and instruct it are also very different things like day and night…

“Medresetüzzehra Education Approach” introduced by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi as an innovative education project at the beginning of the era is the special name of “instructing rational and religious sciences together, reconciliation and merging of them” It is not restricted to their being instructed together only. 

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The Scientific Compliance of the Thought of the Existence of a Creator and the Laws Of Nature

(1. International Congress of Creation in the Light of Sciences Presentation)

In this study, some inferences are made about the value of scientific approach and studies that investigate the evidence of the acceptance of the existence of a creator for the humanity and makes its inferences in this way and the worth of the scientific knowledge and interpretations in this direction. Also, some analyses have been made about how a scientific approach that accepts the Creator’s existence will be presented to the world of science.  The creation model is an upper model that deals with the one who operates the mechanisms and not with the nature of them and it does not address the approaches as evolution directly. In a world where some world-famous physicists try to explain the origins of the universe through laws and theories, the rotten atheism trap will be deciphered by clarifying the laws of nature in the clearest way and academic analyses. I will clearly and certainly be proved that the evolution cannot be an alternative to creation. This study will also contribute to the creation of a scientific model, interpretation and accepted scientific approaches that will be an alternative to the other scientific approaches about the existence of the creator.

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Is It Possible That Material Factors in Nature Come Together and Create Living Beings?

(2. International Congress of Creation in the Light of Sciences Presentation)

The purpose of study is to clearly reveal out whether it is possible for the material factors in nature to come together and give life to things. Firstly, basic concepts such as “coincidence, material factors, the laws of nature, the mechanisms of evolution”, on which the existence of the material and the formation of an object is based, will be discussed and their features will be analysed.

Then, stating that a claim to form the base for the answer to a question like “What is the main reason for the creation of this object or that event?” should first make three issues clear.

The end of the analysis: It will be basically found that, it would be a non-scientific, difficult and vague way to try to explain the creation of an object through material factors and nature or by claiming that it has come out by itself.

This study will contribute to the determination of the fact that it would be more scientific, reasonable, rational and acceptable to explain the creation of an object with a Creator, as an alternative possibility involving required conveniences and that, if there was a scientifically acceptable model, such model would better deserve to be scientifically accepted.

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